Powering the future of cloud

Micro deals with the complexity of distributed systems and provides simpler programmable abstractions to build on.

Micro Platform

API first cloud platform

Writing software for the cloud has become too complex. Teams and individuals should feel empowered to build software at an accelerated pace without friction or limitations, to create the future of technology we all want and need.

Micro is an open source platform for API driven development. A service which enables developers to focus on building products rather than managing infrastructure.

Key Features

Everything you need to build and scale services

API Gateway

A single public HTTP entrypoint for your services. Build microservices on the backend and consolidate as a single API for the frontend


Define access rules, manage user accounts and create auth tokens for all your services and APIs


Dynamic config loaded at runtime plus hot reload support without restarting services

Data Storage

Persistent and multi-tenant key-value storage as a first class citizen so you can build stateless services rapidly

PubSub Messaging

Build event driven architectures using pubsub messaging. Publish, subscribe and track every event you need

Service Discovery

Microservices are a first class citizen on the platform. Discover, call and reuse each service as a building block for the next

Micro Services

Real world Micro services

Checkout the source on Github.

Micro Server

An abstraction layer for cloud infrastructure

Visit Github to start using Micro

Micro Framework

A Go microservices framework