M3O - An open source AWS alternative

M3O is an open source public cloud platform.
We are building an AWS alternative for the next generation of developers.


AWS was a first generation public cloud provider started in 2006. It’s infrastructure services and pay as go pricing model made it an incredibly compelling choice for a previous generation of developers. But what about the future?

M3O is an attempt to build a new public cloud platform with higher level building blocks for the next generation of developers. M3O is powered by the open source Micro platform and programmable real world Micro Services.



AWS is a fairly complex beast which makes it hard for new developers to get started. In the past we needed VMs and file storage, but today with the Jamstack and other modern development models, the building blocks we’re looking for are changing. They’re mostly now third party APIs. M3O is looking to aggregate all those third party public APIs into a single uniform offering with a slick new dev UX.


So far there are over 35+ services. Here are some of the highlights:




See the full list at m3o.com/explore or the source at github.com/micro/services.

Getting Started

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How it Works

M3O is built on existing public cloud infrastructure using managed kubernetes along with our own infrastructure automation and abstraction layer for existing third party public APIs. We host the open source Micro project as our base OS and use it to power all the Micro Services, which provide simpler building blocks for existing cloud primitives.


We host our own custom dev UX (m3o/cloud) on top of the infrastructure stack and a backend which acts as the management control plane.


Developers build and contribute to services in github.com/micro/services, a vendor neutral home. We then automate the building and publishing of those services and client libraries. This creates a shared and fully managed platform for everyone to leverage.


We primarily use existing open source software, fully managed services and third party public APIs as the backing infrastructure then layer a standard interface on top. With all the services on one platform, accessible with one API token, we drastically improve the Dev UX.


This project is a combination of open source projects and a platform managed by the Micro team. Our goal is to enable any developer to contribute to the open source while benefiting from the platform as a shared resource.

Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosted providers of Micro services:

Open Source

The core cloud OS and services exists in a vendor neutral org

M3O Dev UX

The hosting of Micro services on m3o.com is powered by the following:

Publish APIs

If you’d like to publish your own APIs on the M3O platform fill in this form and we’ll get back to you.


Thanks for reading

Hopefully you buy into what we’re talking about and the need for something new in the public cloud space. If you like what you’re hearing, Signup for Free or send us some feedback. Reach out on slack or twitter if you have any questions.