The end game for developers

Something I often wonder is how we’re stuck in this pre-historic phase of software development. Where technology has largely advanced from a consumer experience standpoint, but as developers it feels like we’re moving at a snails pace.

The languages of today remain largely unchanged. The frameworks which appear continually offer the same experiences as those that came before them. And every so often we develop new technologies which create a “paradigm shift” which ultimately sets us back 10 years as we have to build the same tools again for new platforms.

As a developer and former systems engineer, I’m tired. I’m tired of the same old same old. I’m tired of building the same things as I built before. I’m tired of constantly reinventing the wheel because we decided to use a different technology stack or because we want to learn docker, kubernetes, Go or whatever the next new hyped thing is.

Ultimately I feel like software development is at a standstill. And the reason why we only have 24m developers in the world is because we’re not progressing. We’re not evolving. I believe this has to change.

I think the end game for developers is really to turn every human being with a mobile device into a developer. This requires a fundamental change in how we design programming languages and tools. It’s a first principles approach no one dares take.

What is the end game for developers? Let us know your thoughts.


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